Trade Wars: Trump to address “very unfair” EU

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Donald Trump has threatened that his administration will address the ‘very unfair’ trade policy towards the USA by the EU.  This has been meet by the European Commission stating it will ‘react swiftly and appropriately’  to what can only be considered the threat of a trade war.

His protectionist agenda is something he prides himself on but this coming just over a month when he also looked to create a trade war with China a little over a month ago.   He appears to have an America against the world view and it’s a world he presents America as not getting the deals it deserves and the deals he can deliver.  Speaking of China in December he said  “We are declaring that America is in the game and America is going to win,”.  To which the response from the Chinese came “We urge the United States to stop the strategic intention of deliberately distorting China and abandon the outdated concepts of Cold War thinking and zero-sum game, or else it will only harm itself.”  Which giving the talk of a “game” and “going to win” seems to have an entirely diplomatic tone in comparison.

The response from the EU seems less tolerant but appropriate given that we now have Donald Trump threatening trade war between the worlds two largest economies and now the EU.

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