Deputy FBI Director steps down amid pressure.

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After sustained criticism from Donald Trump including being accused of bias against him by name Andrew McCabe has stepped down.  To put this into context this is a situation whereby due to pressure from Donald Trump and other Republicans the No.2 law enforcement officer has quit abruptly.

It would appear that this is due to a perceived bias towards Hillary Clinton. The impact on the FBI’s investigation into collusion with Russia has made the FBI a target for the government.  This would leave Mueller exposed as following the firing of Comey and now the making of McCabe’s position untenable through pressure from above Trump will look to a more favourable replacement.  There is also an accusation he was responsible for a Whitehouse leak.  This would appear to be a ‘smoke and fire’ tactic to cast aspersions on the credibility if the FBI.  This however works both ways because if there is no credence to the Mueller investigation why the need to discredit your countries law enforcement?

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