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The number of cases of Covid-19 is doubling ‘roughly every seven days’ and could see 50,000 new cases every day by mid-October, the government’s chief scientific advisers warned yesterday. 

There were further 4,368 cases in the past 24 hours in the UK, up from 3,899, with 11 further deaths.  In response to these terrifying figures pubs in England are to close at 10 pm.   

The British Prime Minister is to announce this drastic measure in an effort to tackle the notoriously nocturnal virus today.    Pokémon have said they will support the move and are available to provide any assistance required of them.  

On the question of their support of a second UK wide lockdown. Pikachu has said that the support for a potential second lockdown is mostly there. Adding “Whilst appreciating that there is a balance to be struck between the economic wellbeing of the UK and the immediate threat to public health from the pandemic. People must come before profits.”

He continued “It can be seen globally that countries with an effective test, track and trace system perform better in tackling the virus. They have lower infection rates, lower death rates, and subsequently, see better economic results. This will be vital to deal with the pandemic in the longterm.”.

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