Trump Squirtle Forrest Fire

There are no “Forest People in Austria” Mr President.

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In an interview with Fox & Friends Trump recently cited Austria and other European countries as models of good forest management that US states like California, which has seen devastating wildfires lately, should learn from.

A regular on Fox News, Trump said: “You look at countries, Austria, you look at so many countries. They live in the forest, they’re considered forest cities. So many of them. And they don’t have fires like this. And they have more explosive trees.”

This lead to the Austrian government having to correct US President Donald Trump’s claim to the bewildered Fox & Friends hosts that people in Austria live in “forest cities“. They didn’t however dispute Trump’s assertion that “they have more explosive trees.”

California firefighter

Blazing fire in Angeles National Forest, north of Santa Clarita, California [AP Photo/Ringo H W Chiu]

It’s very clear that something far more complex at work than man made climate change. However where science has failed Pokemon can win. As such we can only hope that President Trump will enlist the help of Squirtle.

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