Trump Squirtle Forrest Fire

There are no “Forest People in Austria” Mr President.

In an interview with Fox & Friends Trump recently cited Austria and other European countries as models of good forest management that US states like California, which has seen devastating wildfires lately, should learn from. A regular on Fox News, Trump said: “You look at countries, Austria, you look at so many countries. They live […]

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Trump Vs Arcanine

Arcanine turns up heat on Trump’s Heat Ray.

The repercussions from the Trump administration’s violent clearing of demonstrators in Lafayette Square in order to make way for the president to take a photo with a Bible, without irony, continues. According to sworn testimony from a D.C. National Guard major shared with the Washington Post, federal officials began stockpiling ammunition to potentially use against demonstrators on June […]

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Blastoise holds pro brexit rally.

Blastoise today held a Pro-Brexit rally saying enough was enough.  The vote on Brexit “seems like a distant memory’ said Blastoise stating that there was also neither “style nor substance” to the negotiations.  Further adding that both Theresa May and David Davis appear to be completely ineffectual. With many brexiters suggesting walking away from the […]

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Trump “I’ll catch em’ all and more! It will be great!

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